Our boroughs ever-improving kerbside recycling figures are a good example of our residents in action. In 2013 Rochdale had a recycling rate of 33.9%. In June last year our kerbside recycling rate rose to 59% and is due, over the course of this year, to remain at a 2% increase on last year.

Recycling outreach teams attend community projects and events talking to residents about the importance of recycling, reusing products and reducing waste. They also teach households how to compost at home and offer reduced rate compost products.

Creating a buzz

Bees, butterflies and a host of small insects and animals are getting the boost they need thanks to a council’s In Bloom inspired clover verge planting scheme. 16 sites across the borough have been chosen to host informal flowering lawns, including Sudden junction. The scheme will take two years to bed in but we’re looking forward to seeing the results in 2021.

Conservation and biodiversity

Students from Redwood School, Spotland, help with wildflower seeding in Denehurst Park while St Edward’s school, Castleton, assisted and supported by their parents, help to preserve rare plant species along the Rochdale Canal.

Residents of all ages are actively learning about the natural environment and diverse habitats whilst helping to develop Roch Valley Outdoor Learning Centre. The site is used by five local schools as a forest school. The site is a previous level 5 IYN and NW Young in Bloom winner.

Revive Multipurpose Compost made from Rochdale’s food and garden waste kerbside collections has been used in planting schemes at the Wonderwall and Castleton Railway Station. The compost is peat free and has been donated by Recycle for Greater Manchester.

What We Do

Urban life in blossom


From recycling to conservation and bio-diversity, Rochdale feels strongly about its duty to protect the environment.



Applying knowledge, skills, and technologies to grow food and plants for social benefit. Community



Building strong community connections and links with local and national businesses.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

At our heart we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and aim to improve health and education, reducing inequality and tackling climate change.