In Rochdale Memorial Gardens, the Fusiliers Memorial is adorned with regiment colours of red, white and yellow. The bedding in front of our Town Hall is red, white and blue in support of our national flag, inspiring pride in our town and nation. The Broadfield Park bedding area today holds the crest of Springhill Hospice to celebrate their 30th year.

The vibrant mini at Sudden junction and Co-op van on Toad Lane add vibrant colour to the borough and a nod to our local heritage. A new display on Oldham Road celebrates our industrial past where Rochdale was one of the most productive cotton spinning towns during the 19th century and an early powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution.

Community Spirit – Under Community

Silver gilt and level 5 ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ winner, Jubilee Park demonstrates what can be achieved by diligent community volunteers supported by a skilled and experienced mentor. Moss Row Community Allotments actively encourage schools and local resident groups to develop their horticultural skills.

The Norden rockery, Rochdale AFC Wonderwall and Denehurst Park sunken garden demonstrate the efforts of local volunteers in creating Greening Grey Britain restoration projects. Members of the Petrus community have consistently developed and maintained a sensory garden for all to enjoy.

The development of the Outdoor Learning Centre on Roch Valley Way has turned a neglected green space into an important educational facility whilst fostering enhanced bio-diversity.

Blooming Businesses

The quality of business areas and premises in Rochdale has been captured by the participation of Zen Internet for a number of years. These special, peaceful surroundings for a digital business have made them a stop on our regional route for years.

RRG Toyota demonstrates the value which businesses in the town place on presentation.

In 2018 we encouraged banks and bars in our town centre to follow the example of the Flying Horse Hotel and get involved in the In Bloom movement. We love seeing the results.

What We Do

Urban Life in Blossom


From recycling to conservation and bio-diversity, Rochdale feels strongly about its duty to protect the environment.



Applying knowledge, skills, and technologies to grow food and plants for social benefit. Community



Building strong community connections and links with local and national businesses.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

At our heart we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and aim to improve health and education, reducing inequality and tackling climate change.